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  • September19th

    We’re all back to our daily lives, so easily. Only 3 days ago, did we stand on the summit and soared down that mountain!
    Thanks to you all for supporting us and helping us get one summit closer the our goal! Precision Air, Sector watches, Wild Frontiers, First Ascent, Sat4Rent, Rainmaker, ECM, Aurecon, Colgate!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • September16th

    summit day….

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    We summited on 16 September aroun 7am in the morning. It was a long slow walk to the top, but it paid off with most people feeling ok.
    Unfortunately the wind was coming up from the north and we had to fly off to the south so we waited quite a while to figure out a plan B.
    Eventually the eastern face warmed up and created a bit of a draft that we could launch in so we took the gap, which only lasted about 30 minutes.
    Andrew Smith launched his glider first and shot right up above the huge clouds building up below us. He was gone in a few seconds flying at almost 70km/ph. Next it was Pierre and myself in the tandem. We were ready to go but had to abord our launch a few times with strong dusties (wirl winds) coming our way every couple of minutes. I was very nervous with the elements turning against us. But eventually we did launch pretty much in the same way as Andrew, cleared the big clouds, and turned towards Moshi. Chris Lotter launched after us with difficulty and after that the window oppertunity closed. None of the other pilots could fly and had a very long walk down. It took us about 50 minutes to fly to Moshi, not far from our hotel. It was a little surreal to stand on the summit one minute and then a bit more than an hour later, we’ve had a shower with a cold beer, in shorts and T-shirts….
    All in all, it was a very smooth flight once we got past the hairy launch conditions. We’ll add some fantastic pix and video to our site in the next 2 days when we’ve back on fast internet speed…

  • September15th

    We are at the last camp at 4700m. We are going to have an early supper at 5:00 pm and then we start for the summit at midnight tonight.

    We aim to be on the summit at sunrise round 6:00 am in the morning and then it’s a question of the weather, when we will fly off. But we are hoping around 9am.

    If all goes well. We will be back in Mosi around 10:00 am to 10:30 am. But nothing ever goes as planned as we may be in for an epic…

  • September14th

    Today for the first time we feel like we on the big mountain. We did a steep ascent of 300m and in the late afternoon and then went for another climatization walk 1600m. We are in quite a nice camp that looks like the inside of a crater with a little lake and scenery and mist around us is quite scenic and atmospheric. Camp life is not too bad with hot hot water to wash ourselves and today we even had french fries for lunch.

    We are still struggling with signal on this side of the mountain. So our tracker does not seem to pick up signal. But hopefully from tomorrow for the summit it should start to pick up signal again.

    Everyone sends their love and a fat slobbery kiss.

  • September13th

    Another gentle day. Pole pole and jambo. Finally out of the cloud and can see all the vegetation and of course the summit. Pierre been running to toilet for two days and gettin worse. Kili gut.

    The team is in good spirits and being fed well. We even get a hot bucket of water to wash off the thick kili dust. Another easy day tomorrow. Good for aclimatisation.

  • September12th

    We started the walk yesterday after we dropped off all the goods at the school close to the Rongai Gate and we got super excited as it felt really good to do something for the local community here.

    We did a very short first walk although we gained 600m in altitude. Today is was a slightly longer walk we gained 800m in altitude and now sitting at 3400m.

    We did a short climatization walk this afternoon where we gained another 200m.

    Now we back at camp playing lie dice and drinking whisky. Everyone is in great spirits and the main connection between is a sense of humor. In fact there is no room for anyone to feel sensitive in this group.

    We are however in the clouds, so we still haven’t seen the mountain. Other than a very short glimpse of it this morning that was covered in clouds 3 seconds later.

    We are aiming to summit on Friday if all goes according to plan.

  • September10th

    We’re arrived at Moshi and spent the day looking for possible landing spots. With a lot of last minute changes, we are now 14 climbers, of which 10 are pilots and two of them tandem pilots.
    We’ve only seen the mountain once, from above as we came in to land, and after that we disappeared under this thick layer of cloud that hasn’t moved since. It looks like it will probably stay for the week so the changes of getting a clear view of the mountain is pretty slim. However, the clouds stop at about 4 500 so the first part of our flight should be spectacular.
    Everyone’s in great spirit and already we’ve separated the clowns from the serious ones, so we’re in for a good treat all the way up the mountain.
    The one thing that I can say, is that I’m a little nervous on the height in altitude that we gain from the start. It looks like a really long way to the top. So we’ll be taking it a slow as possible….
    Tomorrow we drop off our school supplies of stationary pack, portable school desks and hygiene products before we start the Rongai route.
    More from the mountain…..

  • September9th

    D day

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    We’re all on our way to the airport where we will distribute all the school goodies into open spaces in everyone’s bags. Luckily we have a lot of excess luggage that came with our sponsored flights by Precision Air.
    Linda and Alistair have been in Tanzania for a few days to map out possible landing spots and logistics. They will meet us in Moshi tomorrow with cold beers.

  • September8th

    Finally, after lots of problems and issues, I finally believe that we are on our way. We leave tomorrow and will spend Saturday handing out all the stuff we’ve collected for the schools at the foot of Kilimanjaro. So on Sunday we should start to head up the mountain and hope to be ready to launch off the summit by late in the week.
    I’m a little worried about clearing the 20km rain fores but Pierre says it will be no problem.
    We’ll keep you posted….

  • August19th

    Our fundraiser is happening tomorrow! All welcome to join us. There will be lots of tandem pilots willing to take anyone on a flight. See all the detail on the invitation on our home page. Or go to the FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paraglide-Kilimanjaro/245140438836979