7 Summits 7 Flights

Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside of Asia, and the highest in the southern hemisphere. It is know for its harsh Andes’ winds and bitter cold.

In 2008, Pierre Carter and Guy Pitman climbed to the summit to fly from the top. Cold feet forced Guy to return to camp 2 but Pierre waited on the summit for the wind to drop so he could launch his paraglider. In the late afternoon, he managed to successfully fly from the summit. The next day both Pierre and Guy launched from camp 2 and flew up and over Aconcagua.

Pierre returned to Aconcagua in December 2010, with the rest of the 7summits7flights crew, to film his flight from the summit. The team waited for 6 hours on the summit for the wind to drop. It never did and they returned to camp 2 without footage.